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What you need to know about obesity.

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Five Ways to Change the Conversation

For people managing their weight, talking about their struggles can be hard. We need to break this cycle and shift perceptions. But how?

Let’s start by flipping the script. Stop conversations filled with negativity. Lead with kindness and empathy. Have open and authentic conversations that can lead to change.

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It’s a Health Condition and a Societal Issue

People living with obesity are often judged in society, whether in public, the workplace or on social media. Obesity has an impact on the mind and body, and is impacted by society. Until these behaviors are broken down, many living with this health condition aren’t able to fully get the respect and humanity that they deserve.


FROM: Obesity is self-inflicted, so people living with obesity get what they deserve.

TO: People living with obesity often face judgement. Rather than judging, we need to embrace and support each other and ourselves.

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Obesity is Complex

“Solving” obesity is more than eating well and exercising. Genetics, biology, socioeconomics and social factors all play an essential part. Each person’s journey with this health condition is unique. While there are common contributing factors, we can no longer say it’s caused by simply overeating or being “lazy.”


FROM: It’s simple: Just eat less and exercise.

TO: Healthy eating and exercise are only one important part of treating obesity.

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Obesity Can Feel Defeating

Managing weight can be hard, and people living with obesity can feel like they’re failing. Negative conversations around the health condition can often make it worse. Together, we can create a support system that brings encouragement and positivity to the conversation.


FROM: I tried losing weight, but I always struggle to lose enough or can’t keep it off. I don’t have the willpower needed, and I’m letting myself and others down.

TO: Lasting change takes time, dedication, and a positive mindset. I won’t get caught up in the negatives or setbacks. I will be a champion for myself and others on this journey.

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Community Creates Change

When people share struggles, they find common ground. Communities build, and movements begin. That’s why social media, when done right, is so powerful. It’s Bigger Than Me welcomes people to connect, reflect and create lasting change – whether you’re living with obesity or not.


FROM: Talking about obesity has never been something that I’ve been comfortable with.

TO: Sharing stories and hearing from others helps us find unity and reshape our perspective on obesity.

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Everyone Deserves Respect

Confidence can play a big role in potentially boosting mental and physical health. A culture that tolerates shame or negativity surrounding weight or obesity is a toxic one. Creating a safe, respectful space for conversation is crucial. A positive community needs a home to create change, openly and safely.


FROM: Talking about living with obesity has never worked out in the past, so I don’t feel comfortable talking about it here. I don’t want to be shamed or put down.

TO: This is no different from any other health condition where patients would get together to share stories and create conversations. There is no place for shame or stigma here because that only stunts real progress.

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