Redefining Obesity

Obesity is a complex disease, and managing it requires a real understanding of the multiple factors that contribute to it. That’s why actress Yvette Nicole Brown, alongside people living with obesity and health care providers, are ready to unpack the reality of living with this disease. Because loving ourselves can and should include safeguarding our health and managing our weight.

There’s More to Obesity Than We Can See

Episode 1:
My Body Isn’t My Identity

Yvette Nicole Brown, Actress & Host
Katie Sturino, Entrepreneur & Author
Paid spokespersons for Novo Nordisk Inc.

Shaming someone for gaining or losing weight is not an effective tool for transformation. In this episode, we talk about body identity and how body shaming can impact a person’s weight journey. We also discuss the importance of moving conversations about weight away from people on the Internet and back to a health care provider who can help us find the right plan.

“Facing the fear of judgement and focusing on making positive steps toward taking care of ourselves is very important.”
Katie Sturino

Episode 2:
From Fear To Action:
Approaching Obesity With Your Doctor

Yvette Nicole Brown, Actress & Host
Lisa S., Novo Nordisk patient ambassador
Dr. Scott Kahan, MD, MPH
Paid spokespersons for Novo Nordisk Inc.

Excess weight or obesity can lead to an increased risk of being diagnosed with other weight related health conditions. But if people are scared to visit their health care provider, they won’t know if the weight is impacting their health and get the right care. In this episode, we talk about overcoming anxiety associated with seeing a health care provider and share tips on finding the right doctor, what questions to ask, and promote self-advocacy when it comes to our health.

“…taking action isn’t just this switch that you flip. It’s a journey. It’s a process and it starts with being kind to yourself. It starts with positive self-talk and kindly putting one foot in front of the other. Just doing your best to take care of yourself.”
Dr. Scott Kahan

Episode 3:
Defending Your Right
to Lose Weight

Yvette Nicole Brown, Actress & Host
Ashlee Marie Preston, Media Personality
Dr. Tiffany Lowe-Clayton, DO
Paid spokespersons for Novo Nordisk Inc.

Everyone seems to have an opinion about weight. But when people managing their weight are met with unsolicited advice or comments, it can leave them feeling conflicted and unmotivated by the lack of support or understanding. In this episode, we discuss the science behind obesity and the positive health changes that may be seen through managing obesity. This information is here to help people on their weight journey defend their right to manage their weight if they are feeling shame or uncertainty.

“We should never let anybody rob us of the benefits of that life by stigmatizing our desire to lose weight when we clearly need to for health reasons.”
Dr. Tiffany Lowe-Clayton

Episode 4:
Feeling Like a Failure: The
Journey of Living with Obesity

Yvette Nicole Brown, Actress & Host
Anna O’Brien, Creator,
Dr. Deborah Horn, DO, MPH, MFOMA
Paid spokespersons for Novo Nordisk Inc.

Losing and maintaining weight comes with small wins and setbacks, but the journey to managing weight is just that: a journey. In this episode, Anna O’Brien shares her personal experience with her weight journey. We discuss the shame, misunderstanding and self-blame that can be felt when trying to manage obesity, and how finding a health care provider can help you better understand your body.

“Obesity is not some moral failing. It’s not for lack of responsibility, or motivation, or dedication. It is a complex, multi-system, biologically driven disease.”
Dr. Deborah Horn