Show your support for inclusive obesity care.

Become an Ally for Inclusive Obesity Care

Obesity is a chronic but treatable disease, but for people living with obesity, there’s more to managing it than we can see. With approximately 2 out of 5 adults in the United States living with obesity, it’s important that they feel seen and heard when seeking help from a health care provider. But sometimes, the fear of being judged may stop many from doing so. That’s why we’re on a mission to reduce bias and stigma for people living with obesity.

In one survey, 66% of participants who reported a history of weight stigma experienced it from doctors.*

*This survey focuses on the health care experiences of adults in six countries, including the United States.

A Symbol for Inclusive Obesity Care

It’s Bigger Than Me created this symbol in partnership with Novo Nordisk for people living with obesity, health care providers and community partners to represent the Inclusive Obesity Care Initiative. This symbol was designed to give anyone a chance to share their support for people living with obesity to receive health care that is compassionate, attentive, and respectful. Sharing your support can help raise awareness and emphasize the importance of unbiased care for all people, regardless of their weight.

How to Show Your Support

We created a digital symbol you can download and share online by adding to your social channels or in person by printing at home and displaying in your waiting room or place of business.


Disclaimer: Displaying this symbol indicates a show of support for this initiative but does not indicate a direct relationship or an endorsement by Novo Nordisk.

Sharing Stories, Creating Change

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